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The chef Eduardo García de Maximum Bistrot took the kitchen from I love it within the Hotel Xcaret Arte to serve your dinner at the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 per Eat and travel. This signature cuisine restaurant, run by the Mexican Paco Méndez, who got one Michelin star in Barcelonaa, was the place where flavors dishes were served deep y francs. We tell you the proposal behind each one! Photos: Charly Ramos

Eduardo García: social responsibility as an axis of work

Technique, passion for the product y social responsibility with its employees What defines the philosophy of Eduardo García. Considered one of the best chefs in Latin America, order Maximum Bistrot, a restaurant that with only 10 years of existence is already located in the position 36 of the The 50 best restaurants in Latin America. Undoubtedly, its success lies in being able to inspire one Well done kitchen and promote a responsible consumption to maintain a healthy world.

“We went from being a chef and floor manager to restaurateurs and then to be entrepreneurs. We realized we were part of an economic cycle. Therefore, we will start doing a company for the worker. The economy grew and prices rose and, therefore, wages “, Eduardo commented in an exclusive interview during the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 per Eat and travel, presented by Hugo Boss, S.. Pilgrim y Toyota.

Eduardo García in Encanta

Luxury dinner

Maximum Local Bistrot it is an oasis gourmet on It is always difficult to have a table without a reservation. The reason is simple: the food is honest, original and comforting. And for the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50 of Eat and travel, see nation menu of concern for diners’ expectations and its impact on the environment of the place where it is carried out. Integrated by products premium how caviar, truffle y rib eye of nothing Wagyu, los ocho tiempos were accompanied with wines from the importer Caves del Món.

“We have some respectful wines from the menu but very different, in which the terrer and they are amazing ”, commented Sandra Fernández, guest sommelier at the festival. At this dinner they showed up mostly new dishes, but starting from preparations already tested by the chef.

Caves of the World wines at the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50

A Bistro-style boot

For starters, Eduardo Garcia was one brioche bread homemade with a creamy eggplant puree, goat cheese y olive oil, a recipe that has served since he opened the restaurant. For the pairing of this arrangement, a sparkling wine from Catalonia was chosen: Cava Tutum Ba, made with grapes xarel it, paired y macabeo.

Pan Brioche by Máximo Bistrot

Connection with nature

Taking advantage of the season of white lobster in these waters, Eduardo García decided to serve it in a tartar with dashi (broth in fact with the bones of the same crustacean), creamy and with a crunchy touch thanks to the pumpkin seeds who decorated the dish.

Mexico also has one of the largest wildlife biodiversities in the world. For this reason, during his season, chef Eduardo García becomes a spokesman for the exquisite variety of edible mushrooms. On this occasion, he prepared one hot mushroom soup porcini (called mazayel in Mexico) con grated black truffle. “It’s a basic soup, but with an incredible taste, with the product as the protagonist,” said the chef.

That truffle flavor, which he lost long after finishing the first bite, was accompanied with White Sanctuary Castle 2019, a wine cool y versatile, with a marked acidity in the mouth.

“Mexico is giving the world a lot of sustainable fishing, and kampachi is a testament to that,” said Eduardo Garcia, referring to the fact that it is not of Mexican origin but is grown in Ensenada successfully. This soft and delicate meat fish was served with caviar y peach cubes, along with a cedar oil. The taste salat of the caviar was balanced with the dulzor of the fruit and the creaminess of the fish.

Kampachi with peach and caviar cubes

To pamper palates

One of our favorite times was the gizzard knotted beef served with Risotto with parmesan cheese y parsley. The chef served her when she learned that she would attend one of her favorite Mexican chefs at the Gastronomic Festival 5 of 50, Guillermo González Beristáin. The chef of Pangea ever told him that The veal gizzards served in Maximum Bistrot are the best you have ever eaten, and wanted to consent once again.

The glands, so soft that at the first bite they would fall apart, were accompanied by rice, which is always on the menus served outside the restaurant. The perfect duo was Muac! 2018, a gastronomic red wine with nine months in barrel made from grapes callet, mantonegro y Cabernet Sauvignon.

“We end up with meat because people always want to end up with meat,” he said. By this time, one was prepared steak of nothing Wagyu on the embers and accompanied with pur de papa brought from Chiapas, one of the first recipes the chef made 30 years ago. This well made dish was paired with Llenca Plana 2018, red 70% Carignan and 30% Grenache with DO Montsant.

Wagyu beef ribeye in 5 of 50

Snacks of happiness

“In recent years it has been cultivated macadamia in Mexico, ”said Eduardo, who made a treat chocolate cake, macadamia, sprinkled with cocoa and grains of salt, accompanied by a black truffle ice cream. This wonderful closure was happy with every scoop, even more so when you will try it with Morenita Sherry Cream, generous sherry wine slightly sweet but very pleasant on the palate.

Chef Eduardo García's cake

“I am at a time in my career that I must take care and promote my image, and I think these kinds of events also help impulsive business like mine. In addition, I also have that to support the media and organizations that have not charged us a penny for dissemination”, Concluded the guanajuatense during our encounter.

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