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Ilios, with Greek flavors and memories of the Mediterranean


With a couple of months since it opened, the restaurant Ilios came to conquer Mexico City with his gray style. This space welcomes you for a short trip through the Mediterranean flavors. Keep reading and you will discover enough reasons to visit it. Photos: courtesy and Aurora Yee.

Ilios, nou stain in Polanco

Following its success in the Riviera Maya, Tulum and Cancun, Ilios is now releasing Nou to Mexico City, home to Polanco. In this place, you will notice that one predominates sophisticated atmosphere in which it makes use of rustic elements for decoration, such as Greek pottery and wicker lamps. So, starting with the design, this new restaurant invites us to travel the Mediterranean with its essence of Greek food.

Ilios restaurant

The first thing is that you enjoy it grisines and homemade onion bread, that come to you with two dives with deep flavors of olive and green peas. Do not hesitate to be received with one of the signature cocktails let them prepare before you. Icarus is based on gin and is accompanied by strawberry puree, yellow lemon juice and ginger beer.

Greek flavors

Opt for several mezze and tickets to share and whet your appetite in the style of one dryers Greek. Of these, the Weather in Carpaccio nothing is a favorite, and ends with Graviera cheese. Then get ready for the Cold bar delicacies, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and fishing of the day. At every bite you will notice that the use of ingredients such as quality olive oil, lemon Eureka, basil, olives can not be missed in this restaurant.


On the main course there are consistent flavors, such as shelf of lamb or its varied selection of quality cuts First. While desserts will pamper with their textures, as in the case of the kataifi cheesecake. This one gets one Perfect balance thanks to the creaminess of the cheese combined with crispy Greek pasta shavings. Ilios’s kitchen is in charge of Chef Saúl Castillo, who directs the creations of both Riviera Maya and Polanco.

Also, toast with the selection of wine they have or prepare to pair your favorite. They have an extensive menu of cigars for lovers of tobacco and smoky notes.

Time to scream avi

ilios cheesecake

In Ilios, express your enthusiasm with the word Grandpa. This is how they are received in the pescado a la sal, which is one of the must-sees in the restaurant and achieves perfect cooking thanks to its stone oven. You can also experience the Greek tradition that involves the festive break of dishes from Wednesday to Saturday. Don’t miss it! Travel for a while in the Mediterranean through the flavors of this restaurant. Check the average: $ 1,500 pesos. Where: Masaryk 311, Polanco.

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