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Hotel Xcaret Mexico-Cancun Airport


Hotel Xcaret

Hotel Xcaret Mexico: All Fun Inclusive

When it comes to planning the perfect vacation cancún, there is a lot to think about. We want to help you and give you all the information you need to plan your dream vacation. In this case, we are talking about the Hotel Xcaret Mexico. I guess you’ve heard of it, if not, you’re in good hands.

Choosing where to stay and what activities to do is usually the decision that takes the longest to make, especially if you don’t travel alone, everyone wants something to enjoy. Hotel Xcaret is really a great choice if you are looking for fun, luxury and adventure.

Most tourists, national and international, are dying to visit one of the parks of the Grupo Xcaret, so if you are also thinking about this visit, we invite you to continue reading and discover why it is so great to stay at the Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

About Hotel Xcaret

Hotel Xcaret has taken “All fun included” to the next level. When visiting the Riviera Maya, you wish to stay at Hotel Xcaret. Here’s why:

Surely you have heard of the Hotel Xcaret Mexico, the Hotel Xcaret Arte and La Casa de la Playa, all different but able to give you unforgettable memories. In this case, we will take a moment to talk about the Hotel Xcaret Mexico.

This is more than a hotel Playa del Carmen others Riviera Maya; is a hotel that celebrates the joy of life and our love for Mexico. The tradition in every corner will make you feel like a real Mexican fairy tale.

Just between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Seathe Hotel Xcaret Mexico makes its way through the exceptional ecosystem, offering each guest the most amazing and stunning views of the hotel and its surroundings.

The heart of the Hotel Xcaret Mexico is called All-Fun Inclusive ™, a hotel concept that includes access to all the parks of the Grupo Xcaret, as well as the Xcaret Xailing ferries from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, and additional benefits that enhance the premium comfort that only a Five Diamond hotel can offer. I mean, where else will they offer you over 200 experiences? Everything, I must add, responds to sustainable tourism.

Get transportation to and from the parks and Cancun Airport is part of this unique concept in the world that also offers more than food and drink.

Hoteles Xcaret has a Gastronomic Group made up of famous Mexican and international chefs who will delight you with premium culinary experiences.

All fun and all adventureHotel Xcaret Mexico

Known for using the All-Fun Inclusive concept ™, Hoteles Xcaret takes your time and dedication to make your experience unique. Everything in this place has been planned for you and your family to have a great time. Learn about Mexican culture and traditions by living them in a modern way at Hotel Xcaret.

As mentioned, being a guest at the hotel gives you full access to the Xcaret Group parks, this includes Xcaret, Xplore, Xpore Fuego, Xoximilco, Xenxes, Xelha and Xavage. Each for a different taste in activities. Take a look and choose the one that goes best with your holiday plan, Xcaret Group.

The hotel itself offers its guests a variety of 25 restaurants to choose from. Chefs are leaders in their field and are famous all over the world.

Speaking of sustainability, one fantastic thing about Hotel Xcaret is its conservation and sustainability program. Its actions contribute to ensuring the conservation, dissemination and development of the natural, sociocultural and economic heritage.

  • Species conservation and release program
  • Species breeding program
  • School project and environmental education program
  • Efficient use of resources and responsible waste management.


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