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Hotel Etéreo, a new mystical corner on the Riviera Maya


Enjoy Hotel Etereo, a luxury enclave within a natural setting, on la Mayan ancestral heritage is present in every corner, and proves its Gastronomy focused on local products. Pertaining to or relating to heaven. That is the meaning in the dictionary ethereal word. But in the hotel industry, it’s the name of one new hotel on the Riviera Maya, located in Kanai, a luxury development in Playa del Carmen. Photos: Courtesy Ethereal.

Your surroundings will feel you in the sky. It is located on a mangrove protected forest, in one sandy beach bathed by the caribbean sea. Sus 75 deluxe rooms, each with a private terrace and wide sea views, are located in one collection of structures designed with modern Mayan references.

Its cuisine will also give you a taste of paradise. Its culinary offering is vibrant and eclectic, based on the quality and origin of the products. “Our cuisine is very honest and we always try to make the product tell the story”, Shared in interview Miguel Baltazar, see executive chef.

Hotel Etéreo

Mayan heritage in Hotel Etéreo

Ethereal tea three restaurants and a concept called El Carrito, each with its own personality. Itzam is inspired by Mayan culinary heritage. but with a contemporary approach.

“It’s a vibrant place between mirrors of water and open spaces where the breeze blows. Its design and architecture are spectacular and its open views of the Caribbean are the perfect setting. The experience begins at the entrance where there is one xamach (comal in Maya), where you share one of the simplest and most wonderful places: a freshly made tortilla with roasted habanero tamulada sauce and a pinch of Celestún pink salt”.

The experience continues at the table, at probably go crudities Creoles with cycle park and pickled pumpkin; the nixtamalized chayote shaved with Ocosingo cheese, caper and flaxseed; kampachi crude with cured lime emulsion; and the house favorite: the creamy squash of Creole corn with local lobster, ball cheese and nugget nugget sauce.

Hotel Etéreo

From the sea to the table

In Changarro serves daily local fishing. which is negotiated with the Puerto Morelos Artisanal Fishing Cooperative, indicates the chef. His atmosphere is playful and relaxed. Be sure to try it Red local sea bass ceviche, black callus aguachile, shrimp chicharrón toast and tuna meatball tacos.

While in Che Which serves Nikkei cuisine, on snack and sharing dishes, while watching the sunset. In the words of chef Miguel, the must-sees are the che-biche of grouper, the temaki taquitos of yellowfin tuna, of kampachi and sustainable salmon trout, and going pulp antiques in guajillo and nori marinade, among others.

Authentic Mexico

Riviera Maya

Finally, the executive chef of the Hotel Etereo noted that in El Carrito habenramos an authentic Mexico where something different happens every day, “from one Mexican coffee with shells in the morning, fresh water and paddles at noon, or at night one cocktail made solo with distilled Mexican artisan spirits”.

Etéreo belongs to the hotel chain Hostel resorts, recognized by the luxury in its properties and exceptional retreats in the best destinations in the world. aubergeresorts.com

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