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Epic 7-day itinerary to visit Malta holiday: hand luggage only


Malta is an amazing island to explore. Located in the Mediterranean, it is full of thousands of years of history, stunning bays and the most amazing cities that are too beautiful to miss. Therefore, to help you get the most out of your trip, we wanted to share our bumper itinerary to visit Malta next holiday.

Now, you may be wondering if Malta is for you?

Well, let me give you a little snippet of why I should be on the traveler list.

First of all, Malta (and neighboring Gozo) is left to enjoy this amazing Mediterranean sun so good. Not only that, Malta is totally cold and is an ideal place to visit if you feel like a time of inactivity during your trip.

That said, Malta is also a gem in the Mediterranean if you enjoy strolling through historic cities and ancient sights. It is an island that can (and fully adapts to) the type of trip you want. That’s why we keep going back and forth, over and over again!

So as the island begins to open up safely, we wanted to share some places in Malta that you can’t miss.

And, as always, make sure you travel safely. Consult your government’s travel guidelines and official Maltese government information on restrictions that may be relaxed or established.

Itinerary to visit Malta on holiday

Take a look at our bumper itinerary below to visit Malta on holiday. Oh, and with all our itineraries, feel free to add, remove or follow exactly the places we mentioned, after all it’s your vacation.

Have the best time.

First day: Valletta

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (8)

As for Mediterranean cities, Valletta is a gem to visit.

Unlike other big capitals in Europe, Valletta is not too big to overflow or small enough to get bored. In fact, I would say it’s perfect for exploring a few days.

Upon arrival, be sure to stroll around to see the Grand Master’s Palace and the magnificent upper (and lower) Barrakka Gardens. This is awesome early in the morning and is a great way to stretch your legs before a day out.

For a sugary pickup, go to Amorino (Republic Street). Here you can taste some of the best ice cream in all of Malta. Trust me, you’ll be back for a few seconds.

In the afternoon, stroll through the century-old Casa Rocca Piccola in the heart of Valletta. Throughout the day, you can join a guide and take a look at a classic (and rich) palace that is too pretty to miss.

Before dusk, enter the co-cathedral of St. John, which is the first position in Valletta since the 1500s. It is so beautiful and a fantastic way to see some of Girolamo Cassar’s works. After all, he is one of the most famous architects on the islands.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (19)

Do you feel itchy? Head to the magnificent cobbled streets and walk through Noni (Republic Street), which fuses Maltese dishes with a modern flare. Their tasting menu is so delicious for an evening treat.

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Second day: Valletta

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (26)

One thing I would say is that you should give Valletta at least a full day to explore (although we prefer a two day colder trip). That said, if you have little time, you can easily pack your bags at Valletta’s main attractions in a day; especially if there are other points on our itinerary to visit Malta that you just don’t want to miss.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (17)

To spend an afternoon in the morning, stroll through the Gran Port area, where you can enjoy fantastic views over the bay. In addition, you can easily join a trip to Fort St. Angelo who has historically protected the city. It will take about two hours to fully explore the fort; so plan ahead and arrive early and nice.

For dinner, book a table at Rampila; you will not be disappointed, especially on its terrace. We had the traditional Maltese Aljotta broth for the first course and loved it!

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Day three: Mdina

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (12)

Nowhere is it so far away in Malta, which means it is a fantastic island to visit and stay in all the Maltese gems. That said, don’t feel the pressure of continuing to move hotels or accommodations every night, you can take day trips to all places in Malta and stay anchored in a hotel throughout the trip. It is entirely up to you.

Anyway, where was I … Mdina!

Okay, so Mdina is probably my favorite city in all of Malta and a place you can’t miss for a day trip. It is about a 25-minute drive from Valletta and is easy to visit by car, taxi or excursion as you wish.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (11)

Once you have headed through the iconic Porta Mdina, be sure to visit the iconic cathedral that overlooks the entire city. It is impressive and the baroque architecture dates back years!

That said, if you feel like going back in history, go to the Domus Romana; a Roman house that was built about two thousand years ago! It’s a relatively small museum, which means it’s a perfect 30-minute visit.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (7)

Oh, and don’t forget to grab some of the world-renowned Mdina Glass. It’s so beautiful and you’ll find it all over the city.

Are you hungry? Come to the Grotto Tavern, their gnocchi are so delicious and the restaurant is so unique within a single grotto.

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Day four: west coast and beaches

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (10)

After three days of living in the city, it’s time to enjoy a little more of that magnificent Maltese coast. So pack your bags for swimming, hit up with this sunscreen and get ready to sleep on the sand.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (59)

But first, go to the Blue Grotto, which is about a 25-minute drive from Valletta (and 15 minutes from Mdina). Once here, you will have to board one of the small boats that will take you to the Blue Grotto itself. That said, if you don’t like boating, go to the “panoramic” viewing area which is perfect at sunset.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (60)

The views are breathtaking.

Then, for a while of surfing, head to Golden Bay, north of the Blue Grotto. It is a popular place for those looking for the sun and the ideal type of place to take a bath in the morning (or walk in the evening).

If you’re looking for a dip, head to the St. Peter’s Pool on the waterfront, near Marsaxlokk. Here you can paddle in the magnificent Mediterranean waters and enjoy views of southern Malta. Be sure to watch out for annoying water and bathe only if it is safe to do so.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (58)

Now, it has seemed better to us to rent a car for coastal days. Although, if you don’t drive, don’t worry; There are numerous companies from different itineraries that you can book and include in your itinerary to visit Malta.

Day five: Hiking near Popeye Village

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (29)

It can’t be said every day that you’ve walked around an island, but it is quite accessible in Malta, especially from Gadira Bay to the village of Popeye.

After a morning swim in Għadira, put on your hiking boots and go for a walk in the area.

The walk itself will not take you long (although you can make some detours). We checked out the Red Tower, which is within walking distance of the bay (about a 40 minute walk). It dates back to 1649 and is lovely to see, especially for the views.

After heading to the west coast, head to the quaint and quaint village of Popeye. It is the historical film of Popeye’s film that was shot in the eighties.

It’s worth spending some time there and it’s worth including in your itinerary to visit Malta; even if you haven’t seen the movie.

Finally, to have a fantastic view over the village of Popeye, head down the coast road in front of the bay. The views over the cove are beautiful from here and you will get a fantastic view over the village of Popeye itself.

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Day 6: Gozo

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (3)

Just shy off the north shore of Malta, Gozo is a smaller island worth the short ferry trip to explore. In fact, it is a perfect day trip when visiting Malta.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (4)

Leaving Cirkewwa, you will reach the port of Mgarr in a jiffy. From here, you can explore all of Gozo and take some key points along the way.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (38)

One place to visit is Il-Madonna ta ‘Pinu, a basilica and shrine as beautiful as them. Although the basilica is not as old as other places in Malta and Gozo, it is still just as iconic.

Then take off your swimming gear and drive to the Blue Hole for a swim. It is a natural pool located on the edge of the collapsed Azure window and worth seeing as you follow our itinerary to visit Malta.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (31)

Oh, and don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at The Boathouse in Xlendi Bay.

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (6)

This is the place that will satisfy any seafood craving; especially with its delicious fresh lobster.

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Day 7: Mosta

Top Things to Do in Malta and Gozo (20)

Before leaving Malta, there is one last (and totally charming) place to visit. Mosta!

Just 20 minutes from the center of Valletta, Mosta is perfect to see the last day along your itinerary to visit Malta. Even if you only have a few hours before the flight, be sure to check it out.

Now, one of the things that makes this city so special is the Mosta roundabout; a massive basilica actually based on the Italian Pantheon.

Once you arrive, you’ll soon see why it’s such a special place, especially because it hosts one of the largest, most unsupported domes in the world.

If you still have time, stroll to the catacombs of Ta ‘Bistra, which are within walking distance of the city center. You will be able to see a lot of historic catacombs that are quite unique to visit.

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The 18 best places to visit in Malta

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