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Day of the Dead flower that gives life


More than just a beautiful flower and a symbol of the Day of the Dead

The Cempasúchil flower has several hidden secrets, come and discover them.

The origin of the cempasúchil flower

We all know them by the name of “Cempasúchil” O “Flower of Death”but in reality its name province of Nahuatl “Sempôwalxôchitl” O “Cempohualxochitl”where “sempôwal” significant twenty or many y “xôchitl” that blooms, named after the legend of “Xóchitl and Huitzilin”. By putting both words together “sempôwal” y “xôchitl its meaning would be “selling flowers” O various flowers.

On the scientific side it is known as “Tages erect”, and I only believe in wild places and mountainous areas; this flower of 58 different species that exist, Mexico has 30 of them, being the center of the evolution of this plant.

The main differences between one species and others are the number of flowers, the leaves or including the size of the plant, which can vary between 10 cm and up to 2 meters high. Another difference is also the color of the petals or flowers, despite the fact that there are flowers with a red petal thread, in most, if not all, the characteristic yellow-orange color predominates.


In what season does the cempasúchil flower occur?

In Mexico, the states with the best climate conditions for the reproduction of this flower are in Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Michoacán, Puebla and Estado de México, that is why if you visit these places in this season you can find with a large amount of these flowers

The cempasúchil flower blooms after the rainy season between July and November. If you are thinking of having your own flower, something important to know is that the cempasúchil flower has a short life, when born it usually lives for a season and dies. But don’t worry, since they have many seeds, which makes their reproduction easy.

Properties and benefits of cempasúchil

This flower, in addition to being a decoration for our altars and homes, has also been used to give color to textiles and food, to make insecticides, perfumes and even as medicine.

Some of the benefits of the cempasúchil flower, which, having antibacterial properties, help us fight intestinal and respiratory problems. But it is also good for relieving postpartum pains, wounds from caesarean sections, colic and teething discomfort.

In addition to having medicinal benefits, this flower can also be used as a sedative, to treat nerves and/or insomnia. The flower also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that, although still in the research process, could be skin infections, removed and blinked and reduce split ends.


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