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Bring your spouse to Valladolid for a birthday weekend to rekindle romance


Birthday weekend in Valladolid, Mexico

When most think of romantic getaways where to spend their birthday, they often think of European destinations like Paris, Rome and London. Still, the perfect destination for your birthday trip may be much closer than you think: Valladolid, Mexico.

Valladolid, the largest city in the heart of the Yucatan, is fundamental to beauty in the form of ancient cenotes and a landscape painted with Mayan ruins. Picturesque, quiet and beautiful, Valladolid is ideal as a birthday destination.

The reasons why they are endless and range from romantic relaxation to adventurous exploration. No matter where you go or what you do, you will be welcomed by one of the most beautiful curtains in the western world, with attractive venues, stunning history, incomparable food and one of the most pleasant surprises you can have. while traveling.

How to arrive

Valladolid Mexico


Most couples traveling to Valladolid will find themselves flying to Cancun, about three hours to the northeast. From Cancún, there are several options on how to get to Valladolid, including buses, private transfers or car rentals. One preferred method for many travelers is to rent a car, as the many places to visit in Valladolid will make you want to be as flexible as possible.

Once in Valladolid, you will be within driving distance of various locations that will show the adventurous and romantic of each of you, from the stunning shores of Tulum to the cool waters of the cenotes in Valladolid and its surroundings. . In addition, Valladolid is the center of Chichen Itza and Ek Balam, two of the most notable Mayan sites and ruins that should definitely be part of your travel itinerary.

Things to do in Valladolid

In addition to seeing the areas around Valladolid, you want to spend at least a couple of days simply exploring what downtown Valladolid has to offer. Valladolid, home to some of the most beautiful cenotes in the Yucatan, is also home to world-class dinners, romantic sunsets and local markets full of authentic produce and relaxing afternoon walks.

Be sure to spend time in Valladolid in slow motion, as it is an ideal city for casual moments between couples simply sitting, enjoying a drink and watching the day go by. While the temptation will be to move forward quickly and see everything there is to see, you want to make sure you take the opportunity to chat simply by letting the atmosphere of Valladolid take over.

Dancers in Valladolid Mexico

Dancers of Valladolid

In the city center, in the square and in Francisco Canton Park, almost every night there is a concentration that cannot be missed. The locals often engage in local music and dance in the area, honoring Yucatan culture. These gatherings are as exciting as they are fun and are perfect for setting the stage in the afternoon for some great nights. In fact, Valladolid is ideal for couples looking for time to connect. As the nights go by and the streets light up, the partygoers give way to clean streets and singing birds playing midnight songs for those who walk casually.

During the day, however, you want to be in the sun surrounding Mexican jumping hand in hand in old cenotes or touring small shops in the city center. Valladolid comes to life as the sun rises and local energy becomes a driving crescendo. If the sun starts to affect you, there are many places to rest. No matter where you stop, there is a cold drink and some of the most delicious food available anywhere waiting for you.

Restaurant Valladolid

The Atrium of the Marab

For the ideal end to any night in Valladolid, you’ll want to visit El Atrio del Mayab, in the town square. The outdoor seating area at the back of El Atrio is idyllic, with relaxing fountains and ivy-covered rock walls reminiscent of a secret garden. The environment is quiet and romantic and is a place to really enjoy your experience in Valladolid and is one of the most romantic in the city.

Exploring Valladolid

Cenote Zaci near Valladolid

Cenote Zaci

Valladolid will take the adventurer, as its location is perfectly located between ruins and Mayan cenotes. Less than half a kilometer from the central square is the Cenote Zaci, one of the largest cenotes in Yucatan and which includes cliff diving competitions of up to 50 meters. Once you have the feeling of swimming in cenotes, end your visit to Zaci with a casual lunch in the hotel’s restaurant, which offers local Yucatán cuisine.

Nearby are two other cenotes that are definitely worth a visit: X’Keken and Samula. These cenotes, located just a five-minute drive from the city center, offer a different cenote profile with partially caveed roofs that allow only the faintest whisper of light into the cenote. Ideal for romantic selfies in the clear waters, X’Keken and Samula are on the same grounds, no more than hundreds of meters apart.

Mayan ruins of Ek Balam

Ek Balam

From Valladolid, the nearest major Mayan ruin site is Ek Balam. Scout couples can travel here to climb Mayan pyramids, swim in cenotes and take pictures of a really cool Mayan concept. The primary pyramid stretches over the Mayan desert and the climb is worth the work. As you sit on top of the canopy, the Yucatan course stretches out in front of you on a seemingly endless sheet of bold green. Mound after mound emerges from the landscape, many of which are pyramids still unknown to arrive and excavated through the dense forest.

From here, the energy and power of the Yucatan are palpable and perfect for couples looking for a reconnecting experience.

A little further from Valladolid is Chichen Itza, the grandfather of all the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula. Traveling from Valladolid to Chichen Itza, although not far away, will take you through areas of pure desert leading to small towns that are ideal for eating on the road and taking a look around bags and souvenirs made locally. However, these are not your stereotypical memories, as locals show untiring talent in creating handmade items such as wood carvings, purses, bags and clothing.

Chichen Itza is huge and has the best known structures of the Mayan tradition. From the Mayan dance fields and the temple of the warriors to the pyramid of Kukulkan, it is a must-see attraction in the Yucatan that will overwhelm and overwhelm you.

Aerial view of Tulum beach

Those who have more time and are willing to drive a little further can travel east to Tulum, a stunning beachfront ruin with resorts and local hotels nearby. The azure waters of the Caribbean collide with the rocky cliffs below Tulum as couples walk side by side on white sands, and it is thought that “these Mayans had the right idea.” Tulum is one of the most beautiful places in the entire Caribbean and has the Grand Cenote just a few miles away.

Regardless of where or how far you decide to venture, Valladolid is within walking distance and takes you back after a long day of exploring.

The ideal birthday

Valladolid is the heart of the widest lands of Yucatan, perfect for any couple who wants to be romantic in one of the most beautiful, touching and unspoken places in the world. Valladolid is really ideal for any couple, whether an adventurous traveler or looking for a more casual destination. Those looking to climb pyramids or swim in ancient waters have their place, as do those looking for a romantic evening and a meal to remember.
So undo your plans for Europe this anniversary. Let Paris wait. Valladolid is what you want and what every couple needs: a romantic getaway that moves and connects.


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