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ATV, Zipline Jungle Trek At Emotions Park, near Playa del Carmen


Emotions Park Tour Review near Playa del Carmen
On a recent trip to Playa del Carmen, I took the opportunity to do a wild adventure with Alltournative. This consolidated company has existed since 2004 and has become one of the most reputable tour operators in the Riviera Maya. Everything tournative offers a wide range of options, from exploring places of Mayan ruin to encounters with nature in the heart of the Mexican jungle.

The goal was to see some of the spectacular views for which the region is famous, while adding entertainment with adrenaline pumps. Emotions was a half-day tour option that reached the top position. The location is perfect, just minutes from Playa del Carmen. This particular tour included a variety of activities, including an ATV ride through the lush forest, zip lines and a swim in a clear cenote.

Since the tour was reasonably priced, I wasn’t sure if Emotions would have the ability to deliver an experience that met my expectations. After arriving at the park immaculately cared for, the reservations had disappeared immediately. The team was in excellent condition and the professional staff worked diligently to ensure that the group was safe from start to finish.

Brand new on jungle trails

ATV tour near Playa del Carmen

We started the morning with an exciting one hour ATV ride. Visitors have the option to choose between an ATV or a Polaris side by side. My friend and I chose to drive our own quads. The machines were new and well-kept models.

The guides organized the group and informed us of the standard safety rules and precautions. Shortly afterwards, the caravan of all-terrain vehicles, led by our guide, crossed rugged jungle roads. The pace was fast enough to be fun, but not furious, which gave us a chance to appreciate the scenic scenery.

Flying in zip lines

Ziplining route Playa del Carmen

After returning to our starting point, we followed the guides to a three zip line circuit. The staff provided us with helmets and led us to the first tower. The course was not as daunting as others I have done before. However, the walk to the initial platform was a few floors and left me breathing heavily.

Everyone had a great time playing Tarzan and we were able to capture fantastic images with our GoPro camera.

Swimming in sacred Mayan pools

Cenote swimming in the Emotions park Platja del Carme

Finally it was time to take a cool dip in the cenote. Swimming in the early afternoon arrived at the ideal time as the noon temperature rose. The water was refreshing and allowed us to wash away the dirt from the dusty trail on ATV trails.

The limestone mourning was open and more accessible compared to others I have visited in the area. The tranquil setting was beautiful and provided ample space for swimming and exploring. The group was given thirty or forty minutes to splash before returning to their home base.

Tasting of authentic Mayan cuisine

To complete the tour, we had lunch at a traditional Mayan meal under a palapa on the thatched roof. The food presented to us was fresh and delicious.

In my opinion, Emotions is a great choice for visitors to Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Cozumel. The fun four-hour tour is affordable and is recommended from the age of six. We have established an agreement with All Tournative to offer our guests a discount for this tour. Visit our Yucatan Tours page for prices and reservations.


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