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Americans Warm Up for Presidents Day Weekend 2022 – TripIt Blog


With much of the United States approaching some of the coldest weeks of the year, we were curious to see what Americans have planned for next President’s Day weekend. Does Omicron keep travelers at home, or do Americans need to get on the road?

TripIt analyzed US-made flight bookings made by our TripIt users for President’s Day weekend and compared the findings with equivalent booking periods in 2021 and 2020.

We’ve found that while airlines will be busier than last year (more than triple the number of passengers), the weekend doesn’t seem to break records like other recent holidays have.

Current percentage of bookings compared to previous years

Flights 2022 (all) Flights 2022 (domestic) Flights 2022 (Int’l)
Compared to 2021 364% 354% 411%
Compared to 2020 41% 42% 40%

When you look at the volume of flights for the 2022 President’s Day weekend and compare it to the same weekend for 2020 (for all accounts, the last holiday weekend mostly traveled before ‘get stuck), flight bookings account for about 40 percent of the total 2020 volume.

Some factors explain why holiday weekend trips will not reach the same highs as others in the recent past.

“We know from our recent survey that more than half of all travelers (53%) had travel plans affected by the Delta variant, which resulted in canceled and changed plans, lost money and probably a lot of disappointment.” , said Jen Moyse, Sr. .Compet TripIt Product Manager. “Given the sustained uncertainty surrounding COVID, and the arrival of new variants, in particular, it is possible that travelers will decide that the risk was too great to plan or move forward with a trip in mid-February.”

In addition, Presidents’ Day and Valentine’s Day have fallen on the same weekend in recent years, boosting the number of trips. But this year, the holidays fall on separate weekends.

So while volumes may be down compared to pre-pandemic levels, they have increased compared to last year, when we were in the middle of our first winter of COVID and the launch of vaccines was just beginning.

They preside over warm weather destinations

The list of the top 25 is full of warm weather destinations, which is no surprise to those in the middle of winter. 20% of domestic flights are to Florida, 14% to California and 7% to Texas. However, there are certainly travelers who are also eager to embrace the winter weather, with destinations such as Denver, Salt Lake City, New York, Chicago and Seattle also expecting many incoming flights.

Classification 2022 City State Classification 2021 Change of classification (2021 to 2022) ranking 2020 Change of classification (2020 to 2022)
1 Orlando, FL 1 0 2 1
2 Las Vegas, NV 5 3 1 -1
3 Phoenix, AZ 3 0 3 0
4 Denver, CO 2 -2 4 0
5 Los Angeles, CA. 11 6 6 1
6 Salt Lake City, UT 4 -2 13 7
7 Miami, FL 8th 1 14 7
8th cancún 6 -2 23 15
9 Fort Lauderdale, FL 7 -2 10 1
10 San Diego, CA. 23 13 11 1
11 Tampa, FL 12 1 15 4
12 Dallas, TX 13 1 4 -8th
13 San Francisco, CA. 39 26 8th -5
14 New Orleans, LA 22 8th 17 3
15 New York, NY 26 11 9 -6
16 Kahului, HI 10 -6 29 13
17 Austin, TX 16 -1 18 1
18 Fort Meyers, FL 9 -9 24 6
19 Chicago, IL and 18 -1 7 -12
20 Atlanta, GA 19 -1 12 -8th
21 Honolulu, HI 14 -7 27 6
22 Seattle, WA 20 -2 16 -6
23 Palm Springs, CA. 40 17 40 17
24 Houston, TX 31 7 21 -3
25 Nashville, TN 24 -1 22 -3

Who wants to change scenery? We expect to see most departures from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) (No. 1), San Francisco International Airport (SFO) (No. 2), Boston Logan International Airport (BOS ) (No. 3), Los Angeles International Airport (No. LAX) (No. 4) and Denver International Airport (DEN) (No. 5).

Winter Weekend Travel Tips

By Jen Moyse, Senior Product Manager, Concur’s TripIt

Traveling during the winter months has always been tricky, not to mention the added considerations with COVID-19. Whether it’s for a long weekend or a winter getaway, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  1. Flying in the winter months is more risky than other times of the year due to the potential for weather events. Add a payback time to your trip to allow for these possible hiccups. Consider going out the day before (Wednesday evening instead of Thursday morning, for example) and try not to have any major events on your calendar the day you return if you have delays or cancellations at either end. For your return flight, stay tuned for the weather. Winter weather could affect your trip to the airport, especially if you are away. Consider leaving the airport earlier on the day of the flight or staying at a hotel near the airport the night before.
  2. Long weekends can only provide the impetus you need between major trips, as long as they are done well. Make the most of your time by booking your first flight in the morning, which is also a great way to avoid the impact of delays. To avoid the stress of returning home, consider staying in a vacation rental with a washing machine to return home with less work to do and order groceries to deliver online to return home with a refrigerator completely loaded.
  3. Keep a COVID-19 test nearby. Whether you’re traveling internationally (when travelers need to take a test no later than one day before their return flight to the U.S.), or within the U.S., the test is a good idea, as you certainly don’t want to travel anywhere if is positive. by COVID-19. A TripIt survey last fall found that of those who traveled for the past six months, 29% took a COVID-19 test for their trip. Now that the evidence is even more available and can be reimbursed through private insurance, we expect that percentage to increase. Schedule an appointment to test at a local facility (be sure to schedule in advance) or do some quick testing before you leave and to take you on a trip in case you start to feel unwell. .
  4. Are you planning your first international trip since the pandemic began? Cheers for the adventure! But remember, things have changed a lot in the last two years. Use TripIt to review local infection and vaccination rates, as well as location restrictions and regulations. TripIt Pro users can search for this information before booking so they can make the best decision for their trip.
  5. Travel costs have gone up, but there are some ways to save on a nearby trip. One option is to set up flight alerts or subscribe to airline newsletters to receive travel offer notifications. Several airlines offer year-round flight deals. For flights within the U.S., TripIt Pro monitors ongoing price changes and alerts you when a potential airline credit or refund is available.

Methodology: TripIt reviewed bookings of return flights made between US and January 24, 2021 and January 24, 2022 for travel during the Presidents’ Day weekend vacation ( Thursday, February 17 to Tuesday, February 22, 2022) and equivalent. booking periods in 2021 and 2020. Booking details on TripIt are provided by users and are independent of the booking provider.

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