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Airlines continue to spread wings over Cancun


The extended schedules and the launch of new routes mark a response to the increased demand for service to Mexican Airlines destinations. Following the pandemic, they are responding to growing American and Canadian demand for service to Cancun and other Riviera Maya destinations by expanding service options to many destinations in the country. With greater air access, airlines contribute to the boost arrivals of international tourists.

Over the past six months, a combination of major airlines and low-cost carriers in the United States and Canada have improved service schedules to different parts of Mexico through additional frequencies on existing routes and the launch of new services.

Non-stop growth

The expansion of inbound air transport to Mexico is aligned with the goal of the Mexican government’s comprehensive and long-term tourism plan to increase the number of international visitors. The Quintana Roo Tourism Promotion Council predicts that in 2022 it will have 16 million tourists, the country ranks seventh as an international tourist destination according to the World Tourism Organization. Consequently, Cancun Airport is also classified as the leading airport in the country.

Among the airlines that increase flights are Delta Airlines. In recent months, the Atlanta-based company started new non-stop flights to destinations in Mexico like Acapulco, Merida and Ixtapa of Atlanta; Mazatlan of Salt Lake City; and Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Frontier Airlines, another carrier at the forefront of expanding service to Mexico, has announced plans to launch round-trip service between Denver and Guadalajara. The service will mark the eighth Mexican city to be served by Frontier. The four weekly flights to Guadalajara, scheduled to begin in December. 22, are part of Denver-based Frontier’s plans to increase its Mexican service by 30 percent during the peak winter holiday season; Frontier will add flight frequencies from Denver to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Frontier announced that it will begin new nonstop service between San Diego and Cancun with a weekly flight starting in December. 16

Flights to Cancun from the USA

One of the major airlines in the US, United Airlines has recurring flights from Chicago and Cancun. The company started its Los Angeles-Cancun and Chicago-Puerto Vallarta routes more than 5 years ago and is a popular route for many American travelers. Altogether, United offers 16 routes between the United States and Mexico, with the exception of two seasonal routes, Denver-Mexico City and Denver-Ixtapa, which operate during the winter months. The new flights to Mexico are offered through United and the airline’s low-cost counterpart.

The base of Colorado US Airlines Border Airlines which claims to be the greenest in America and the best low budget air routes open to Cancun from both Tampa Florida and Houston Texas.

It includes the busiest seasonal flight services during the winter months American AirlinesRoundtrip flights to Cancun and weekly nonstop service from JFK to San Jose del Cabo in Mexico’s Baja California region. The legacy airline, which has been operating flights to the Mexico market since 1941, currently serves San Jose del Cabo with three daily flights from Dallas/Fort Worth, two daily flights from Los Angeles and three weekly flights from Chicago.

Other flight additions to existing routes include service to Alaska Airlines, which will extend its list of services to tourist cities in Mexico this fall with six more weekly flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco, increasing its capacity in Mexico by 22 percent. The company also plans to inaugurate nonstop services between Los Angeles and La Paz, San Francisco and Cancun, and Seattle and Cancunas well as between Portland and Oregon to Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta.

Canadian airlines also fly over the skies of Mexico. Since Air Canada It added 25 more nonstop flights per week this winter between Canada and Mexico, and after Canada’s airport reopened after the pandemic, Cancun is seeing more and more Canadian travelers.

Flights to Cancun from Europe

Fiesta Americana Villas Cancun
Fiesta Americana Villas, Cancun

Most airlines are not necessarily opening new routes to Cancun per se, but rather adding more flights to their very popular Cancun route. This will more than likely mean that the number of flights there from the Cancun airport will exceed the average of 500 per day that the airport has seen in recent months.

The routes that will include new flights to Cancun Condor Airlines‘Flight from Frankfurt to Cancun. The airline will add a fifth flight per week, from its usual 4. British airline TUI is adding flights from across the UK to Mexican beaches. The airline is expected to increase its flight frequency from London, Manchester, Glasgow and other prominent UK cities.

Mexican airlines are also expanding their services

The increase in the number of extended routes, however, has not been limited to international services. Mexican airlines, especially low-cost carriers, are also boosting services.

Flying beyond Mexico’s borders, Mexican airline Aeromexico operates daily routes between JFK Airport and Mexico City. Within Mexico, Aeromexico is increasing its flight offering with new routes between Mexico City and Villahermosa, Merida and Cancun.


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