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No matter how many times you have been to one place, you will always discover another that will surprise you. For me, Xel-Ha It’s one of those places I never get tired of visiting. Whether you go with my family or my friends, their activities always allow us to enjoy an amazing day at the Riviera Maya.

Power Xnorkel

Ever since the pandemic started, I have been dreaming of a getaway to Xel-Há and after a long period of confinement, I got into an activity that took me to the park immediately. This activity is called Power Xnorkel.

Power Xnorkel allows you to explore the underwater world of Xel-Há cove. In this activity you can snorkel with the control of a small jet with three speeds. So you can enjoy the cove either from the surface or by diving to go to a maximum depth of 2 meters.

On the day of the long-awaited visit we arrive at the park super early and after a light but very rich breakfast, we head to the area of ​​the cove where Power Xnorkel is located.

Power Xnorkel

Iba with a group of three people and our booking schedule started at 10:30 am For this activity is It is important that you book your schedule before the day of your visit in the park, it may be the case that everyone is busy and can’t open a new one. Visit the official Xel-Há website for available schedules and Book the one of your preference for Power Xnorkel.

Arriving there, we were greeted by the instructors, we had a lot of patience and attention to detail to explain the dynamics of this entertaining activity.

Power Xnorkel

I’m a big fan of adrenaline activities and I was very excited to do this, but I’m not going to deny that when I get a little nervous because it was an activity I had never done before, in the which a jet was used. below the water.

Awaken your adventurous side with Xel-Ha activities

At the beginning of our instructor booking schedule we explained how the equipment works and we were also told about the safety measures to follow. Among these we were told that we should always be hold the jet and that we had to keep ours tight-fitting seat belt on the right side of the body. Because, if necessary, you can pull the cord of the device and a float will come out of it to take you to the surface.

I doubted if the clothes I was wearing were suitable for the activity and to my great relief I was told yes. No need to wear a vest, wet shoes, or anything like that. There you are given a viewfinder so you can enjoy the cove in high definition and with your swimsuit is more than enough. Just make sure you use one that fits you perfectly.

At that moment I began to feel calmer and again the excitement of starting the activity appeared. We just heard all the directions and finally we can enter the cove where our instructor Luis talked to us more about how to handle the jet and its speeds.

During our practice time I realized that handling the jet was very simple. Its buttons are super easy to use and once you understand how to move your body to get the jet going in the direction you want, the rest is pan comido.

Luis organized some races on the surface and was very entertaining, but diving with the jet was amazing. It takes more speed and momentum to make me feel a little nervous, but once I was under my disappearance and I felt the thrill. Being there you feel like underwater and during your free time you can explore the underwater world of the cove in a completely different and very fun way.

Power Xnorkel

Even though it had been raining the previous days, luckily for us, this morning was super sunny and the water was completely clear, so we could enjoy even more the beauty of the underwater world of Xel-Há.

Power Xnorkel

The activity in total has one duration 50 minutes which are distributed so that you have time for induction, practice and yet you still have a long time to enjoy the free baby in the cove.

Our instructor alerted us when it was almost time for the end of our schedule, which has given us enough time to try another underwater truck that Luis showed us, take pictures and record as many as we have fun that allow us to remember videos were handy Power Xnorkel.

Power Xnorkel

Definitely Power Xnorkel it became one of my favorite activities I can do in Xel-Há and I can’t wait to go back and be able to repeat the experience of snorkeling at full speed.

Power Xnorkel

And you, have you ever practiced Power Xnorkel in Xel-Há?

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