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6 easy day trips to do from Merida


6-day departures from Merida

Colorful campec

Campeche Mexico

Just two hours from Merida is the colorful port city of Campeche, the state capital of the same name. Stroll through the streets full of houses painted in a variety of pastel colors, entering the small shops and quaint cafes along the route. The Chocol Ha Café, located at 59th Street, offers delicious chocolate tamales that are well worth a stop.

Fantastic flamingo

Flamingos near Celestun

Celestun is a biosphere reserve located 100 km west of Merida that houses huge flocks of flamingos. Taking a boat trip on the water will bring you closer to these brightly colored birds and the other marine life that makes this area home.

Crocodile River

Rio Lagartos

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Rio Lagartos, which means the Alligator River is a 100-acre biosphere reserve where you can see a wide variety of birds and sea creatures such as crocodiles and turtles. Take a boat trip along the river to explore and stop by the banks to cover yourself with the mineral-rich mud found there.

Laid Back Livin ‘

Valladolid kissing chairs

Valladolid is a small relaxed town with a relaxed atmosphere. Stroll down the main square with its so-called “kissing chairs,” where locals sit and chat or watch the world go by. The Calzada de los Frailes is a beautiful street to walk around and greet the locals who sit outside the house at night to cool off from the heat.

Paint the city yellow

Yellow city of Izamal

A magical Mexican city, or pueblo pueblo, all the buildings in Izamal are painted yellow and white. It is worth strolling through the city before heading to the 16th-century Franciscan monastery located at the base of what would have been the largest pyramid on the plains of the Northern Yucatec.

Sensational sinkholes

Cuzama cenotes

Just 45 km southwest of Merida you can find a collection of cenotes (sinkholes) that vary in color and depth and offer a very unforgettable day trip. Take a horse-drawn cart along a track that stops three cenotes from Cuzama. In one of the cenotes the entrance is so small that you have to go down a ladder through a narrow opening to reach the water. It is a very memorable experience.


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