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5 movies that inspired you to go on an adventure


Get ready for a marathon of movies that will make you want to travel the world

The cinema has worked like An engine of motivation in all aspects, for example, if there’s this need to get what you’ve always had, but you don’t feel the urge to do it, there are movies like In search of happiness (2006), where the character’s perseverance to achieve their years produces the personal feeling of never giving up to achieve life’s goals.

Undoubtedly, movies are an inexhaustible resource to attract this type of skills, however, this time we will focus on one: go on an adventure; feature films have served as a push to motivate them to get out of the routine, so after a long marathon of films they compiled a list with 5 inspiring movies to go on an adventure and help bring out that adventurous spirit you have inside.

1.- EAT, PRAY, LOVE (2010)

Original title: Eat please love

Liz Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, I think she had her life completely planned: having a home, a husband and a career out. However, one day she wakes up and realizes that she does not want to have that life anymore, so she decides to separate from her husband and start a journey of self-discovery to Europe. Some say you don’t know a person until you travel with them, so what better way to get to know yourself by traveling alone, we take advantage of every moment to grow and add the thought of enjoying life.

“If you were brave enough to leave everything familiar and comfortable behind, which can go from your home, to old and bitter resentments, to embark on a journey in search of the truth, whether external or internal, is disputed I have everything you spend on the adventure as a clue, accept everyone you know as masters, and most importantly, be prepared to face and forgive some very difficult realities about you, then the truth is not it will be hidden from you ”

Liz Gilbert


Original title: The wish list

It is common to have a list of “things to do before you die” also known in English as the Bucket List, which shows all the teaching activities you want to do in life. This film portrays the story of two older adults, played by Morgan Freeman y Jack Nicholson, with a terminal illness who spends the last few days doing all the adventures on his list. The film has several messages, but the main one is: enjoy life. It is not necessary to go to an extreme to realize, for him the film motivates you to really take advantage of the beautiful life you have.

“I once decided on a survey. They asked a thousand people: If I could know in advance, would I want to know the day of his death? 96% said no, I always thought it was another 4%. I thought it would help us know how much we have left to do certain things. It turns out it doesn’t help. “

Carter Chambers

3.- TELL ME WHEN YOU (2020)

After his love died, Will, played by actor Jesus Zavala known for his role as Hugo Sanchez in the Mexican series Club de Cuervos, makes a trip to CDMX to continue the plan that his love inherited, for the purpose of learn about your roots and enjoy your youth. The film is a love letter to Mexico City, as you visit iconic and extremely beautiful places, which motivate you to pack your bags and present them beforehand.

“I am just proud of you. But not everything is work. I’m worried you don’t have friends. I worry that you are not interested in knowing your history, your culture, your rays. You have to learn to live. You have to learn to be, not to have ”.


4.- SOUL (2020)

A music teacher fulfills his big dream of playing in a jazz band, but it is the same night he falls down a sewer ending in a coma. He wakes up as a ghostly creature in the “Great Before” where he refuses to accept his fate and embark on a journey back to his body before the concert. The film has a great message: seek the purpose of life and go out to discover; this motivation you need to live a full life.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life, but I’m going to live every minute of it”

Joe Gardner


Original title: Journey to the center of the Earth

Brendan Fraser is known for participating in several adventure movies as the famous trilogy of The Mummy (1999), on this occasion he plays a science teacher who together with his nephew embark on a journey into the unknown in search of, as the title suggests, the center of the earth. Based on the book by the famous author Jules Verne, this film will have you on the edge of time at all times.

In order not to be left alone with 5 films, here are some extra joys that will help you in another perspective on life:

Do you think of imaginary adventures that you want to make come true every day?

You have to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Has life alone been school, good grades and do you feel like you didn’t live your adolescence at 100?

I recommend you see The Night of the Nerds (2019).

Do you like classics and want to accompany an exploring teacher on incredible adventures?

It is necessary to see Indiana Jones saga.

Do you feel stuck in the routine and want to learn how to live?

Yes, sir (2008) is perfect for you

Are you an entrepreneur who needs motivation to achieve your goals?

Ver The Family of the Future (2007)it will help you

For reflective:

“All humans are always a little sad because they know they are going to die, but knowing that is what gives meaning to life.”

The right place


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